October is the longest month.

October is the longest month.

October is the longest month according to my daughter. She loves Halloween and the lead up to it is filled with costume ideas, plans being made and counting down the days. It is her favourite holiday. I took the Halloween decorations down in a t-shirt and flip flops! The kids had lovely weather for trick or treating and had a record breaking haul. There is so much candy that my daughter has been happy to share!


It is hard to think about Christmas with this weirdly warm weather, even the wind was warm. With such gorgeous weather, it has been hard to think about Christmas and Winter Holidays. But, I did manage to get 5 new cards designed. I hope you like them. 

Living in Ottawa means having 4 very distinct seasons. Ottawa has the seasons that are portrayed in kids books. In spring lots of shoots push out of the earth, summer is flip-flops, board shorts and long golden days, fall is a medley of colour and winter brings a lot of snow and I mean a lot. It blocks the roads and has to be hauled away in dump trucks! I love this about Ottawa, moving with the natural rhythm of the seasons. It throws everyone off when we get unusual weather! 

One week into November, still some unusually warm days and bright sun. Usually we're dealing with grey, rainy and cold! I hope you all have been able to enjoy good weather, wherever you are. I know it won't last and it's time to get ready for snug and cosy weather.

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